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¿Para quiénes es la Gnosis?

Para todos, puesto que todos tenemos problemas y desafortunadamente en la sociedad en que vivimos hace falta una educación que nos permita conocer el porqué y el origen de los problemas en la vida.

Esto provoca que rodeados de tantas presiones e incertidumbres que no comprende la gente busque una solución, cuando muchas veces esas supuestas soluciones nos provocan más presiones y sufrimientos.

Tanto al padre de familia, al trabajador, al ama de casa, al profesionista, al obrero, en fin, a todos les sirve la Gnosis. Porque la Gnosis nos lleva a conocer la raiz u origen de todo lo que somos y tenemos, incluidos los tan molestos problemas, ya sean económicos, laborales, familiares, sentimentales, etc.

What is Gnosis?

In a world like this, full of failures and triumphs, through an agitated life with problems, pains, occupations and sufferings, Gnosis has always existed.
Gnosis comes from the latin gnosere, which means wisdom, knowledge.
The Gnostic Movement is a civil association responsible for giving to every human Being without distinction of race, sex, age, color or religion the Gnostic information, and by doing this rescuing all types of important human values.
Gnosis is a practical culture that will help you enhance your labor, social, and personal life.

The Gnosis brings you an endless number of benefits as:

»  If you have drug problems, how does it help you?

There are easy treatments that will recover you from your vices through a practical and natural process.

»  How does it help you at work?

With us you will learn to optimize the performance of your body, to free it of stress, and to enlarge capacity so you will feel full of vitality. If you work at an office, there are techniques to not get mentally exhausted, have always lucidity and enhance your capacity to learn new things. With these techniques, you will excel in your performance at work.

»  In illness, how does it help you?

We will show you how to keep a healthy and strong body through simple techniques so you’ll be able to heal in an easy way.

»  How it helps you to relate with other people

Gnosis helps you to behave in an harmonic way with the people around you, to understand them and to know the best way to treat them avoiding conflict, but without letting them hurt you either.

»  How our classes advise the youth?

We teach them how to manage the pressure they feel at their stage, helping them in their personal development, so they do not get into troubles and drugs.

»  How does it help to resolve family problems?

Our classes help parents take care of the family values, knowing its importance in society. You will receive practical information that will help you control and eliminate negative emotions so you can enjoy and love your family.
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  • 8521 Dryfield Dr. Apt. A
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    Phone: (512) 821 9325

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